Hire a Kit

Before the Hire

Fill in the form (below) to let us know what kind of kit you would like and some information about you and your baby.

Hiring a Kit

We will contact you and let you know the availability of the kit you are interested in. You will arrange to pick it up from one of our volunteers, who will take you through the kit and give you some information to help you on your way. Be sure to check out our help sections on Washing, Fitting, and Troubleshooting!

The full hire agreements are available for all kits on the Nappy Kits page.

Returning a Kit

Please ensure all nappies are clean and dry before returning them. A checklist of numbers and types of nappies will be included in the kit so you can ensure you have returned all of the items. Please read your hire agreement to ensure you have followed all of the instructions for returning kit.

Coronavirus Note

Due to Coronavirus all instructional sessions will be carried out via Zoom, and all nappy kit drop offs will be socially distanced.

Hire Agreements

All hires are subject to agreement to a hire agreement.

Sample hire agreements are available here (current as of 06/01/2021, your own agreement may vary):

Sample Birth to Potty Hire Agreement

Sample Newborn Kit Hire Agreement

Hire Agreement Washing Guidance

Fill in the form below to enquire about hiring a kit.